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Court Ordered
Education Class

Certification: NCTI/APPA
Education Resource provides court ordered Shoplifting/Theft classes for misdemeanor 1 Offenders with court/probation ordered conditions for Shoplifting or Class C or B Theft. This course is presented in a factual educational manner to help participants make better decisions regarding self-improvement, values, and responsibility. Other areas of focus are goal establishment, choices and consequences, and stress management. Upon completion of the course, the participant is presented with a certificate.

 Course Focus:
Process of change
Attitudes and values
Avoiding negative influences
Develop behavior change plan

 One 8-hour session or two 4-hour sessions:
 Class Location:
Parke South Office Park
1110 W William Cannon Drive     » MAP «
Suite 302
Austin, Tx 78745
Cap-Metro #333
Telephone: 512-786-3673

Course Fee (8-hours): $80.00

 Theft Class Policies:
1. Students must register (online or by phone) prior to class in order to attend.
2. Students must not have had any alcoholic beverage or be under the influence of any drug before attending class.
3. Beverages and snacks are permitted during class sessions. Smoking is not permitted inside the building.
4. Cell phones and all electronic devices must be turned off during class.
5. Students must attend the entire session.
6. The fee for this course is $80.00 (cash or credit card through PayPal) payable at registration the first day of class. The option to pay by PayPal is also offered when registration is completed online. The fee for the class is to be paid on the first day of class. If the student does not have the entire amount (2-day class only), a $20 down payment is required for entrance to the class. The entire fee must be paid by the last class day or the student will have to repeat the class and will lose their entire down payment.
7. All assigned workbooks,papers,and tests, must be turned into the instructor in order to obtain the certificate of completion.